The Outdoor & Landscape Lighting Specialists of Sugar Land

Exterior lighting is one of the major areas many residents of Sugar Land, TX use to enhance both the beauty and security of their homes, gardens and yards. Lighting brought into an outdoor area can completely alter the way an area of land is used at night throughout the year, which means the living area of a home can be expanded to include outdoor areas that are often reserved only for the lighter nights of Summer. We can introduce the lighting effects a homeowner prefers in an installation customized to meet the needs of each and every family we serve.

A large number of homeowners are put off making large changes to their exterior lighting installations because of the use of heavy equipment and lengthy installation process used by many companies. Unlike many of our competitors, Outdoor Comforts look to integrate landscape lighting into the outdoor environment of a home without causing major disruption to the outdoor space. When trenches are required they are all created using manual labor, without the need to drive heavy machinery into a back yard. A local manager is present on site throughout the installation process to ensure each and every step is completed to the highest standards and with minimal disruption.

Pride in our technology

The technology used in exterior lighting in Texas and around the country is constantly changing, which allows a homeowner to introduce lighting to their property that is gentle on both the environment and their utility bills. LED lighting, which uses less wattage to produce the same level of illumination as traditional lighting techniques are commonly used in the installations produced by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. All LED lighting installations are completed with a five year factory warranty included on the equipment to provide peace of mind for our customers.

At Outdoor Comforts, we allow our skills and lighting technology to speak for themselves, with a no pressure sales technique that includes night time demonstrations of a proposed lighting installation. Walkways and exterior doors are often the areas that most customers look to illuminate with our high quality LED lighting technology, integrating these areas into an exterior lighting plan to provide security for Sugar Land residents and deter would be burglars. Free estimates and demonstrations are always available to those interested in illuminating their properties.